Christopher Nunn documents life in Canada’s Northwest Territories in his latest work


After being introduced by a mutual friend to Canadian author Larry Frolick, who at the time had been writing a book about hunters in the very far Arctic regions of Canada, photographer Christopher Nunn became immediately fascinated. Over the course of a year he made plans with Larry to visit him in the Northwest Territories and shoot a series about communities living around the Great Slave Lake. After considering applying for funding through various organisations, the pair decided it was too time consuming and instead organised an initial short trip to Larry’s home to conduct research. Flying out there in the summer of 2016 on a very tight budget, Christopher travelled for three and a half days non stop by bus to reach his destination. “That was the first time I had met Larry in person,” he tells It’s Nice That. “I slept on his kitchen floor for two weeks.”

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Source: It’s Nice That