The latest series by Israeli art collective Broken Fingaz showcases a contemporary twist on traditional oil painting


“It was something we came up with in high school after an accident we had that involved a pigeon, a piece of hashish and an emergency room,” says Unga of how his group, Broken Fingaz, got its name. Established in 2001 in Haifa, Israel, the art collective is comprised of members Unga, Tant and Deso. Working across a multitude of mediums including animation, installation, painting and graffiti – the latter being the first discipline they ventured into as teenagers – Broken Fingaz have become a world-renowned phenomenon. Collaborating on projects with high-profile artists such as U2 (for which they recently directed a music video), Pearl Jam, Primus, Blink 182 and Gaslamp Killer, the trio are certainly a sought after presence.

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Source: It’s Nice That