China Previews Levitating Magnet Train With ‘Super Bullet’ Speed Of 385mph

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China has unveiled a prototype of a maglev train that is able to reach a maximum speed of 620 km/h (385.25 mph).

Researchers showed off the “super bullet maglev train” on a test track in Chengdu, a province in China last Wednesday. The vehicle is powered by high-temperature superconducting maglev technology, which sets it apart from other existing maglevs that run on low-temperature superconducting technology or a normal conducting magnetic levitation. The change now allows train rides to be steadier.

Designed and produced locally, the train boasts an all-carbon fiber lightweight body, has a bullet-shaped nose, and is currently the “fastest vehicle” ever produced, according to a report established by state media outlet Xinhua News Agency. The report added that if the team is successful in incorporating the train in a near-vacuum tube or tunnel, it would be transformative for the rail transit sector.

However, researchers will have to weigh in the safety of passengers in the trains if they run in a vacuum tunnel.

The team said that there are still cost issues to iron out before the new technology can become commercially viable.

China is currently dominating the maglev technology. It has at least three maglev rail routes in the works and is planning to execute the development of the high-speed maglev train system in the country.

A prototype high-temperature superconducting #maglev train with a maximum speed of 620 km per hour has rolled off the production line in #Chengdu, China.

— China SCIO (@chinascio) January 14, 2021

[via Global Times, cover image via noina /]