Foo Fighters Debut Their Own Japanese Sake Inspired By Their Pop & Rock Sides

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Image via Tatenokawa

The Foo Fighters are toasting to their 10th album Medicine at Midnight with an unexpected type of booze: Foo Fighters sake.

As uncovered by SoraNews24, the band has teamed up with reputable brewery Tatenokawa to craft two versions of the Japanese rice wine. The first, ‘Midnight Blue’, is inspired by the group’s “pop side,” resulting in a mellow mouthfeel and mild sweetness. ‘Midnight Silver’ symbolizes the band’s “rock side,” and has an intense flavor with a sharp aftertaste.

The blue and silver bottles deserve their own shout-out too—their labels come with the “Foo Fighters” name, stylized to resemble Kanji typography.

Apparently, the Foo Fighters are fans of sake, and selected their favorite offerings from the brewery through remote tastings. From there, Tatenokawa concocted two variations to match their preferences.

A Foo Fighters x Tatenokawa Complete Box Set, which will include both sake bottles along with a copy of the new album, will also be available in this limited-edition collection. However, fans can also pre-order the 24.3-ounce bottles for ¥3,080 (US$29.70) on the Tatenokawa online store, though this sale is currently limited to customers in Japan.

The Foo Fighters are also turning 25 this year, and have kicked off the birthday celebrations off the wall with Vans.

Image via Tatenokawa

[via SoraNews24, images via Tatenokawa]