Google’s Online ‘Umami Land’ Theme Park Will Please Those Who Miss Japanese Food

Screenshot via Umami Land

Do you miss travel, theme parks, and Japanese cuisine? You’re in luck today, because Google has designed a virtual travel experience that combines them all.

The tech giant’s new Umami Land website is a fun online theme park that’s reminiscent of the Candy Land board game—but instead of candy, you’ll explore districts of giant foods and learn more about Japanese cuisine along the way.

You’ll start at ‘Main Rice Street’, where you’ll be greeted by architecture resembling dishes of Japan’s staple carbohydrate. From there, you can visit other zones like ‘Long Valley’, where noodles live, and ‘Sweet Kingdom’, a saccharine destination.

Umami Land is the very definition of kawaii, but that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. With each dish you discover, you’ll have the option to learn more about it by prompting a Google search or finding out if the meal is served at a place near you.

Mirroring the rewarding experience of being at a theme park, Umami Land gives you a badge when you discover “special dishes,” and each win unlocks a ride that’s a joy to watch. Collect all the badges, and you’ll be able to exchange them for animated food stickers and wallpapers at the virtual gift shop.

Since the element of surprise is paramount in amusement parks, it wouldn’t be a good idea to spoil the rest for you. If, like many, you identify as a Japanophile, it’s time to visit this adorable wonderland.

Screenshot via Umami Land

Screenshot via Umami Land

Screenshot via Umami Land

[via Umami Land]

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