Lenovo Hires Metal Band To Scream Out Its Product Reviews In Latest Ads

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Image via Ehrenstråhle

Lenovo has found a quirky way to capture the attention of gamers.

The computer brand teamed up with Swedish agency Ehrenstråhle to form a new campaign where product reviews have been turned into heavy metal music videos.

Targeted at gamers, the two videos launched by the duo features reviews by The Verge and lifestyle website manofmany.co. Some of the remarks that have been repurposed into lyrics about Lenovo’s hardware are, “Over 4K resolution,” and “Attractive, yet plainly designed gaming laptop.”

These lines are cleverly screamed out by metal band Iron Savages. Check out the videos, which were directed and produced by Claudio Marino, below.

[via Ad Age, cover image via Ehrenstråhle]