IKEA Donates Unsold Christmas Bushes To Zoo, To Delight Of Reindeer

Video screenshot through IKEA Canada

IKEA prides itself on bettering on a regular basis residing, and this mission appears to increase to animals too.

With the vacation season over, IKEA Edmonton gave away its unused Christmas bushes to its native zoo. It would seem to be a small gesture, however the zoo’s animals responded in huge, heartwarming methods.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo reported that its residents loved interacting with the “shocking” new additions to their surroundings. The bushes not solely served as munchies for a few of them, but in addition offered stimulation for his or her senses and minds.

“The bushes have offered snacks for a few of our herbivores, a spot to climb and perch for a few of our primates and birds, a brand new and fascinating scent for the carnivores and a lot extra!” the zoo shared on Fb.

The presents have been most particularly appreciated by the reindeer, who cherished rubbing their antlers on the branches.

Each IKEA Canada and the Edmonton Valley Zoo shared footage of the residents’ new reindeer video games. Their lovely reactions are such a mood-lifter; have a look.

That is assured to make you smile: IKEA Edmonton donated remaining Christmas Bushes to the animals at @BuildingOurZoo. The animals used the bushes to discover, odor, eat and play! #IKEACanada #IKEAEdmonton #YEG pic.twitter.com/whSWu0awXb

— IKEA Canada (@IKEACanada) January 13, 2021

Thanks to our buddies at IKEA Canada and IKEA Edmonton who so generously donated unused Christmas bushes for our…

Posted by Edmonton Valley Zoo on Friday, January 8, 2021

[via Narcity, cover image via IKEA Canada]