Celebrating International Women’s Day – Exclusive piece commissioned by Mel Richards CBE

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, AA Media Studios were commissioned to design an exclusive canvas, by Melanie Richards CBE.

Melanie has personally driven a wide range of programs designed to advance inclusion in the workplace. She has campaigned for the progression of women and underrepresented minority groups to senior positions for over a decade.

Alongside, founder and director Andrew Dalhouse, Melanie added her own personal touch to the piece; by selecting 25 women of significance and power whom she wished to represent. The canvas will soon also be transformed into a jigsaw puzzle and will be available to purchase in the near future.


"We’re proud to have been able to have been able to partner with Melanie as her work around inclusion and diversity really resonates with us."

Andrew Dalhouse

"I’m so pleased with how brilliantly this has come together, it’s been with great to work with Andrew and AA Media Studios on such an inspirational piece."

Melanie Richards
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