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At AA Media Studios we understand that online courses aren’t always the best medium for learning, therefore we offer specialist 1-2-1 training via virtual platforms.

We teach students about the features of platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, WIX and Shopify and the steps you need to create your own website from scratch or maintain an existing one internally. Additionally, we help with graphics and design for platforms such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Once you complete your online training, you will be well-rehearsed and able to create a website with your desired platform. You will think about designing a user-friendly website (colours, images, accessibility); you will install a template, include plugins, create static pages, including images, use widgets, and implement SEO. You’ll also create blog posts, embed Google Analytics in your website, and get an introduction to how to use Google Analytics to measure your website’s success.

Our training covers everything you need to create a website, including information on choosing colors and images, site layouts, choosing templates, using plugins, and creating static pages. The course includes an introduction to search engine optimization. From the very beginning, you will create a website that can be found by search engines and your customers or for your personal use.


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