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Clothing Embroidery & Screen Printing

At AA Media Studios, we’re happy to provide a wide range of customization possibilities for your clothes. Screen printing and embroidery are two of our most popular processes, but they each provide a distinct look and feel better suited to a particular project. As a result, if you’ve been tossing up between the two, you’ve reached the proper location.

It is where you’ll find all you need to know about screen printing and embroidery so that you can make an informed decision. Find out what each approach entails, how it works, and what kinds of clothes work best with it. If you’re still undecided, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful staff for further information and assistance!

Why choose AA Media Studios for Uniform Printing?

The environments we live in, and the expectations of people who inhabit it, are evolving at a rapid pace. We don’t see becoming green as a marketing ploy. It’s not merely a collection of well-organized pages. With this goal in mind, AA Media Studios was formed to help improve those who wear the apparel we buy every day. We’re not just adjusting to the future’s demands; we’re the future itself.


Industry Leading Quality

Technology is often a factor in determining the quality of a product. For this reason, we employ some of the most advanced printing and embroidery equipment in Europe. Our supply network is flexible and inventive, allowing for no minimum order and a large capacity with short

Everything you need in one place.

We can provide you with custom-branded clothes, regardless of your company kind or budget. If you need anything, we’re here to help you with it. AA Media Studios understands that printed t-shirts alone aren’t always enough, which is why we’ve put up a one-stop-shop for all of your promotional needs.

Expertise unmatched in all orders

Custom-branded apparel is our specialty. Regardless of how large or tiny, your purchase is, our team of experts will handle it from start to finish. We make it simple to purchase custom-printed t-shirts and apparel here. It may seem automatic, but many people are working behind the scenes to create the best bespoke t-shirts possible.

A Graphic Designer and Print Expert verify every order since we are meticulous about the smallest of details. It guarantees that your artwork files are print-ready and everything goes as planned. It is our policy to get in contact with you before anything gets to press if we believe anything is amiss. With this, we will not produce your custom printed apparel until you are delighted with it.


We’ll redraw your design by hand into a format that our embroidery machines can understand. Your embroidered design is then created using industrial embroidery machines.

Screen Printing

Colored ink is applied to a screen with a cut-out design, and the ink is transferred straight to the t-shirt. For big numbers of more than 500 pieces, we frequently use screen printing.